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What makes a great St. George Car Wash?

At Dez Mobile detail we pride ourselves on our quality more than our quantity. There are lots of car washes that look to pump out lots of car washes in a day. The problem with that is it is very easy to miss the smaller details about a wash. This is never on purpose but is a hazard of the trade. 

That is why we take care of our customers by noticing all the details you would notice in your own car, inside and outside! To us that is what being a great St George car wash is all about! 

We live for making all cars look amazing and are proud of our work! We are always looking for customer feedback and your thoughts on your experience, so please let us know how we did and if there is something we missed.

Best St George Car Wash

There are lots of St George car wash. That is why we go above and beyond to compete with the best washes in town.

Attention to Detail

We have an eye for detail! However, if there is something specific you want taken care of make sure to let us know and we will take special care of it!

Top of the line Cleaners

All of our chemicals are safe and effective so you can have peace of mind knowing nothing will damage your car or your family!

Mobile St George Car Wash and Detail

We asked ourselves how we could set ourselves apart from the competition for best St George Car wash. Not only do we hold ourselves to a higher standard, but we come to you! Whether you are at home, at work, or even out on the golf course! We take the inconvenience out of getting your car clean. 

We know that time is the most important commodity now a days. That is why we help you kill two birds with one stone by letting you get done what you need to, while we come to you and detail your car! No more driving to a St George car wash and wasting 30+ minutes waiting for you car to be finished. The St George car wash standards are changing and we are adapting! 

Client Testimonials

Exterior perfection

Our Exterior detailing solutions provide your vehicle with a high quality, hands-on cleaning experience top to bottom.

Interior satisfaction

 Our Interior Detail package is designed to give the inside of your vehicle a thorough cleaning that covers all the basics.

Basic Interior Services

Few things are more satisfying than having a clean, freshly detailed interior cabin for your car or truck! That feeling is our goal every time we clean a car. That is why we try to include as many services in our basic packages as possible. Our basic services will leave you smiling and satisfied with your St George car wash.

Before we can do much on the interior we need to clean out the trash and vacuum it all. Once we have it vacuumed and clean we will steam clean the seats and flooring to lift out as much gunk as possible. Finally we will wipe down all the surfaces and then apply an interior shine to leave your surfaces looking brand new!

Additional Interior Services

We offer free consultations for any additional services to add on to your St George car wash! Some of these interior services include:

  • Shampoo treatment
  • Leather treatment
  • Odor extraction

We specialize in getting your cabin looking good and smelling great! If you have any stains give us a call and we will remove them, whether your seat is leather or cloth we have the tools and chemicals to remove the toughest of stains! We also remove odors not just cover them up with an air freshner to give you a lasting smell of freshness. Call us today for a free consultation on any additional services you would like.

Basic Exterior Services

To be among the best car wash St George Utah, we know a great exterior shine is a necessity! 

Washing a car and making it look good on the outside is more than just getting it wet, throwing some soap on it, and wiping it dry. It’s about making it look shiny and new again. This is harder to achieve than dumping some soap and water on it and we know that!

We love to start off with cleaning the tires and rims and then moving to washing the body of the car. Wheels are usually the dirtiest part of the car which is why we start there. We hand dry your entire car to make sure there are no water streaks left on the vehicle. Before applying any wax, we make sure to look over the entire car and use any touch up spray where needed or was missed.

Call us today for a free consultation on what other add on services you are interested in such as waxing (hand wax or electric buffing), or wheel and rim shine!

Additional Exterior Services

Want to upgrade some of your services? Call us today for a free consultation on how much for our other exterior services! Some of these services include:

  • Headlight repair
  • Clay Bar (pre wax)
  • Hand Wax
  • Buffing
  • Polishing
  • Wheel Shine 
  • Rim Shine


The outside of your car is the first thing you and anyone else will see when you are driving around town. We can wax, buff, polish, and even apply some wheel shine to make your ride look brand new and stand out among the rest of the cars in town! 

Call us today for your best St George car wash experience and put our services to the test!

We Take Pride In Our Work

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Waxing vs Buffering vs Polishing

What are the benefits of waxing, buffering, and polishing? To answer that question we need to discuss how paint is applied to a car. 

“The paint” of a car is multiple layers in one to make the car look the way it does. The first layer is called primer. This is applied to protect the bodywork of the car and is the base layer. The second layer is the color. The color is applied in multiple layers or “coats.” The top layer over the color is a clear protective coat to protect the color.

All three above techniques (waxing, buffering, polishing) are important but each tackle  different layers of the paint. Buffing will fix the small imperfections inside the coats of paint. Polishing a cars paint refers to the clear coat layer. The goal of polishing is to remove those scratches and imperfections in the clear coat of paint. Finally we have waxing which adds a protective finish to the car to help prevent any dings, scratches, and imperfections damaging the cars precious layers.

Schedule a free consultation today to have us come check out your ride and we can help you know which type of treatment can be best for your car! 

Headlight Restoration

Do your headlights look frosted over? Or covered in an old looking film? Have you ever turned your headlights on or your brights on at night and feel like you still can barely see? Or that there is no difference between your normal headlights and your brights? 

We do headlight restoration! We will make your headlights look new again and get rid of that film that plagues your headlights! Restoring the headlights will not only make them look brand new, but also make your lights much brighter the next time you find yourself driving in the dark, keeping you and your family safe!

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